The Truth is Out There

Real conversation in my household while watching “X-Files” on Netflix:

    Son:  What’s that guy on TV doing?  Why is he shooting everyone?
    Daughter:  He took some sort of weird drug that makes you twenty times more paranoid and scared of whatever you’re scared of…  kind of like Mom with spiders.
    Me:  Hey! I’ve never climbed to the top of a clock tower and taken out spiders with a high-powered rifle.
    Daughter: Yet!



Wireless Arachnophobia

My sweetheart knows that spiders induce me to a full-blown panic attack.  If an itsy bitsy spider is on a water spout, I am nowhere near said water spout.  I am running away from the water spout at full speed, screaming and hyperventilating. In fact, I try to avoid water spouts altogether.

He just texted me this picture.

It’s difficult to judge the scale, but I’m estimating it to be the size of a Yorkshire Terrier.

Now it takes me several minutes of mental preparation and deep breathing to touch my phone.