Modern Etiquette

When did it become acceptable to talk on your phone while peeing?  I must have missed that memo.  Lately I have noticed this becoming a disturbing trend.

When I use the restroom at my day job, it seems that more often than not someone is in the stall, engaged in its intended activity, and simultaneously talking on the phone!  And some of these conversations really should stay private.  In the last week I have heard:

  • Details of very, very personal medical conditions
  • Plans to plead guilty at an upcoming court date
  • A fight with a boyfriend
  • A fight with a husband
  • A fight with a “baby daddy”
  • Someone discovering her daughter is no longer a virgin
  • An order for clothing from a catalog
Do people forget that the stall is not sound-proof?  Or is the illusion of privacy and anonymity that complete for them?

And they also seem to forget that the stalls are not smell-proof either.  How about a courtesy flush, ladies?  And, if one more person anoints the stall with cotton candy body spray to cover up their own stink, making the person in the next stall (i.e. me) smell like a nineteen year-old stripper with a serious body-glitter habit, I am going to go completely ape-shit crazy.


Here’s a selection of humorous restroom graffiti gleaned from the interwebs for your viewing pleasure…