No Bull!

Last weekend, we delivered a few buildings. On one of these deliveries we had a “helper”.

Yes, that’s exactly what it looks like. A barely juvenile bull with fully in tact testicles, horns, and the attitude of a teen-aged boy with a bad case of acne… from all of the steroids he’s been taking.

The owner of this charming bovine, a man we’ll call “Jose”, has apparently worked out a detente with him that includes the bull attempting to knock him down and kill him, and Jose kicking him in the head and throwing rocks at him.

Throughout our delivery, we had to take care to keep the truck or the building between us and this horn-wielding character, lest we be gored or trampled, or both. One of his buddies, a steer who was inexplicably kept behind a fence (I mean, who keeps cattle behind a fence and away from the nice people who are trying to deliver 200 square foot structure, anyway?) cheered him on with a repetitive lowing as he watched the bull walk from one side of the truck to the other, seeking an opportunity to maim us.

We managed to escape unharmed and successfully delivered the barn without having to climb anything to avoid dismemberment. It’s really only a matter of time though before this bull gets the better of old Jose. I hope someone posts it on YouTube.

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