Colors of Spring

Easter is almost upon us, which means that there are ads on Craigslist for baby bunnies, chicks at the feed store that have been dyed unnatural colors, and cartons of “Peeps” have appeared at every grocery store, convenience store, gas station, and newsstand in the land.

Does anyone even eat Peeps? I mean, seriously? Are they more than just padding for the more-edible goodies in your Easter basket? In my opinion, the only thing that could make Peeps more disgusting is if they were coated in coconut… or sand.

Curious, I turned to that oracle of the human experience: Pinterest. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but recipes and bouquets and Peeps craft idears. (Yes, I know that’s misspelled, but pretend someone from Boston is saying it and it makes it rhyme.)


There are Peeps cocktails…

Peeps   Peeps & Patron Cocktail FUN!  #peeps #easter  @smartschoolhouse    Who doesn't need a little Easter cocktail?!   Cherry Peep Cocktail from  Peep cocktail!

Peeps cakes…

Easter Peep Cakes  Sunflower Peep Cake

bunny peeps cake{Kaylin!}  Peeps Cake.OMG. #littlestyleEaster


Peeps s’mores…

Peep S'Mores- these look so good!  Smores:  The Easter Version with Peeps.

Peeps decor…

Peeps in a Pot!  {fun for your Easter brunch table or dinner buffet!} ~ from #easter #peeps  Peeps!

Peeps Easter Centerpiece  Marshmallow Peeps Wreath

Peeps cuisine…

a little package of "HAPPY"...  PEEPS and chocolate wrapped up in cute little bundles:  PEEP PUFFS @Northern Cottage  Peeps Pistachio Pudding Cups

Peep Kabobs - used as one ingredient for Peep Smores made with Cadbury Eggs.  Oddly enticing.  Here's a new twist for Easter: Peeps + Sushi = Peepshi! Totally made my day :) The full recipe is at Serious Eats.    --- Hey @Jeanette Hague, here's some sushi I would eat! XD


Peeps slogans…

peeps  God <3's Peeps

Elizabeth & Co.: The Peep Show    PEEPS


And this man, who shows up under a search for “Peeps” for no apparent reason…

tort.  peeps.


The only thing I like to do with Peeps is put them in the microwave, and only when I’m am absolutely sure that someone else is going to clean up the mess.  Then again, I understand that microwaving Peeps can garner unexpected results.  Like this guy, who is my new Easter-time hero.


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