Home Alone

My daughter is visiting with her father for spring break, and my sweetheart and son are away on a trip with the school choir. This means that after work I will have the entire house to myself for one night. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to it. Who knows what mayhem will ensue! I may even re-enact the “Old Time Rock & Roll” scene from “Risky Business.” Well, I might do the flopping on the couch part anyway.

More likely activities include the following:

    1. Watch rated R movies without looking over my shoulder
    2. Eat grown-up food without having to explain why I like it
    3. Hang out with the dogs and talk to them like they’re people
    4. Take a long shower until all of the hot water is gone
    5. Clean and do laundry

This last one might not seem very exciting, but being able to get the chores done without anyone getting in the way is a luxury.

2 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. I know the suspense is killing you. Here’s what happened: I cleaned the house, ordered a pizza and “boneless wings” (i.e. glorified chicken nuggets), and shared the pizza and nuggets with the dogs. I did NO laundry. EXCELSIOR!

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