A Dumb, Pretty Dog and a Vulcan Mind Meld

Today I tried a Vulcan mind meld on my dog Taylor.

She’s not the sharpest tool in the proverbial shed. (Read: The Names Dogs Give Themselves.) What did I hear during our mind meld? Click to listen.

One thought on “A Dumb, Pretty Dog and a Vulcan Mind Meld

  1. Yes, that really is the sound of Taylor snoring, which she does frequently… sometimes with her eyes open. Everyone has something that they are really good at, and she is really good at snoring. If there was a snoring Olympics, she would get the gold medal… except that she would oversleep and miss the competition. When she’s sleeping with me and I start to get up, she puts her paw on my face as she lays across my chest and neck, immobilizing me. Then she snores in my ear.

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