Business Casual

I encountered an interesting tableaux while at the convenience store last night. A young man wearing shorts that were hanging precariously on his hips, sporting a somewhat experimental haircut, and a disheveled your lady wearing pink, plaid pajama pants and what appeared to be her boyfriend’s sweatshirt were at the checkout buying three enormous cans of Miller Lite. I really didn’t realize they sold beer in cans that big.

As the young man counted out his one dollar bills and coins to pay for their beverages, the woman asked the cashier about job opportunities there in the store. She even went so far as to ask, “Is there anyone here now that I could get an interview with?” I discretely snapped a picture.

Perhaps those are her formal jammies and she wears them on all of her job interviews. I have to suppose that she has been less than successful in her job searches. After all, they say that an employee will never look or behave as well as they do at the interview again. It’s all downhill after they get the job.

What was I doing at the convenience store? I was not wearing my jammies nor was I buying a small silo of beer. I was buying milk and Mrs. Baird’s cherry pies… Don’t judge me.

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  1. I know a place that is hiring that she would be a perfect fit! Too bad you did not get her contact info so I could submit a referral!

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