10 thoughts on “Grammar Rules 2, Electric Boogaloo

  1. Aks is actually the original word, due the ease of it being said. So yes, I can aks you something and not be chopping wood.

    • AKS (all caps) is the New York Stocks Exchange symbol for AK Steel Holding Corporation. “Aks” is not a word at all, let alone the original. Each of the etymological roots of the word “ask” contain an “S” sound followed by a “K” sound; never are they reversed. (Set and match.)

  2. I so wanted to create this but you beat me to it. Axe as in butchering the English language and generally making up shit as you please. Makes my skin crawl..

  3. I have stumbled on your site two or three times now, and whereas I have liked your post every time, I have to ask if you’ve actually seen the site the way your visitors see it? If not you need to get someone else’s computer and pull up the page. I like the black and white background for actual wallpaper, not a webpage. It is completely impossable to see the comments. They just sort of blend right in, you know they are there but you can’t find them .

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