‘Tis the Season

It’s holiday time, which means that once again stores will stock up on egg nog and consumers will buy it… but does anyone actually like it!? A lot of folks have been choking it down for the better part of their lives, oblivious to what they were drinking or why they were drinking it. Just as many people were about to give up on egg nog altogether they crossed the threshold into adulthood and found out that grown-ups put booze in it and they gave egg nog another shot… and sometimes another and another…

What is egg nog anyway? Basically, it’s just a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar, and usually some nutmeg*. Rum is the most common alcoholic addition, but you can use any type of alcohol. Brandy would work well, too. Or whisky, or maybe even Robitussin. If you add enough sugar and nutmeg to the mixture, nobody will know or care!

Personally, egg nog is something I buy one carton of during the week of Christmas, hesitantly offer to the children who at first protest that they like egg nog and then fail to finish the first glass or accept any offers of egg nog thereafter; I then feed it to the feral cats when it reaches its expiration date.

Why is it only around during the holidays? President George Washington declared that egg nog could only be consumed during the holidays because everyone loved it so much. I guess colonial food stuffs left a lot to be desired in the taste department. Apparently, Washington feared that year-round consumption of the drink would lead to an unprecedented rise in the cost of laying hens and possibly nog addiction.**

*Nutmeg is a spice that people used to kill for. Seriously! I’ll follow up with a historically accurate blog entry on this topic soon.

**I totally made that part up.

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