Thanksgiving in Texas

On our way to go visit Stonie on Thanksgiving morning (Read: “A Old Biker, a Pecan Pie, Some Welding, and a Show Cat”) we ran across a sight that is quintessentially Texan.

The fire department was assisting a family who had set their front lawn on fire and suffered some minor burns and smoke inhalation while attempting to fry a turkey. What appeared to be the patriarch of the family was seated in a lawn chair near the road, ferociously puffing on a cigarette with shaking hands while the fire fighters stood speaking to him, presumably to ascertain whether or not he had been injured. The turkey, which was almost completely charred, laid unceremoniously in the yard in the middle of a patch of burned grass and weeds, never to reach it’s potential as a Thanksgiving meal.

Luckily for them, the Cracker Barrel restaurant a mile up the highway is open for holiday diners.

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