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Recently my sweetheart repossessed another portable building.  (Read: “Adventures in Repo”.)  He had been warned by the finance company that the lady he was getting the building from was a kook.  Apparently this woman, we’ll call her Deborah, had actually worked briefly at a local portable building store, and was summarily dismissed when it was discovered that she was having customers write deposit checks directly to her and then keeping the money.  He asked me to do a little research about her.  It didn’t take much to find these interesting facts about her.


She is a faith healer.

She has some fascinating views on doctors and healing.  Apparently, Deborah has been specially selected by God to be able to heal, and this gives her an advantage over hospitals and actual physicians.

But on the other hand, when she is sick herself (or, in the case of one recent Facebook post, suspects that she has internal hemorrhaging) she goes to the Emergency Room.


She has been convicted of animal cruelty and had her horses seized a couple of years ago.

Apparently, the law hasn’t followed up on Deborah’s animal cruelty habits, as she posted a lengthy “article” on Facebook a few months ago about the proper way to “whup” a “bad horse.”  I guess when she read in the Bible that God gave her dominion over the animals, she interpreted that to mean that she was required to be unkind to anything with four legs and hooves.


She is a bigot.

It didn’t take me long to find out that there’s no love lost between her and President Obama, whom she refers to as a Muslim, pagan, heretic, “darkie”.  I also found an article online that described how Deborah had lost her long and prestigious career at a motel chain when she posted on Twitter that same sex couples are evil and that she does her best to “persecute them in the name of our lord and savior” whenever they stay at her motel.  Here’s a recent post that any psychology student would have a hay-day with.


She is as nutty as the proverbial fruit cake.

If you hadn’t come to that conclusion yourself already, you should know that she lists her profession on LinkedIn as “Intercessor and Healer”. There are more delights on her Facebook page to make you “LOL” or “SMH” as well.

Maybe Nichelle Nichols is the Muslim who put the coagulant into the water supply!  MUAHAHAHAHAH!

Ah yes, everything that doesn’t involve speaking in tongues, laying on hands, or your own personal conversation with the Almighty is pagan.

She posted this the day before her building was repossessed.  I guess when she said her days of worrying about money were over, she didn’t mean that she actually had any money, just that she was not going to worry about it anymore.

After reading through some of her Facebook posts, this begs the question:  Was she ever really in control to begin with?


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