It’s not that cold, you crazy Texas people!

I know that the temperature here just went from then 80’s to the 50’s overnight, but that does not signal the need for wool caps, scarves, and ski jackets.  And seriously, why do y’all even have ski jackets in the first place?  The closest you’ve ever been to wearing skis is cowboy boots with extra-long pointy toes.

And another thing: A wool hat with ear flaps and strings is not called a “toboggan.”  I know y’all are unfamiliar with the accouterments needed for a cold climate, but calling a hat a toboggan is just wrong.  A toboggan is a sled without rails.  The hat you wear while riding one is called a “tuque”.  If you wear a sled on your head, you will just look silly.

Don’t believe me?  Look up “Toboggan (Hat)” on Wikipedia.   It automatically brings you to the article on tuques.

Confusing them can result in a bruised ass and a cold head.

This is a TUQUE. You wear it on your head.

This is a TOBOGGAN. You ride it down a hill.

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