Signs of the Times

Last night at the Little League field, as the players were re-entering the dugout, I noticed this sign on the gate to enter the field.

Really?  Taken literally, I suppose we’re breaking the rules every time we play.

This got me to thinking about the well-intentioned failures on signs we see every day.  Here are a few of my favorites from the interwebs.


Kind of adds a whole new element of danger and excitement to the game, doesn’t it?



7 out of 10 people who encounter this sign test its accuracy.



I think we’ve reached the point of no return.



Does anyone actually pick up hitchhikers anymore?  And if they do, wouldn’t the orange jumpsuit give them pause?



This must be the McDonald’s that the Spindrift encountered.  (If you’re not an uber-geek, click here for help understanding that joke.)



They can send me a bill.

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