Splitting Hairs

You know that your hair cut and color didn’t turn out as nice as you’d hoped when no one at work comments on it.

I got my hair done on Saturday, and haven’t washed it yet, so it still has some remnants of the professional styling it received a couple of days ago. Once I do wash it tonight, all bets are off as to whether or not I will be able to replicate the style. This is especially true since my daughter has taken our one and only hair dryer to keep in her gym locker at school for post-cross country practice grooming. (Both my poodle and I have been left high and dry… er… not dry, I guess.)

Every new hair cut is a challenge to assimilate new technical skills, the use of new “product”* and tools, and a new timeline for my morning routine. At least with this hair-do I don’t have to cook my hair with various electrical implements, mere inches away from running water. This new style requires that the top and back be spikey and pointy, my son referred to this as “like a peacock.” Bless his heart. <grimace>

I guess hair resembling preening fowl with long tail-feathers isn’t as in vogue as I’d hoped.



*Exactly when did it become acceptable to de-pluralize the word “products” to refer to hair care potions? I anticipate that it will soon be turned into a verb as well, as that seems to be the direction of the language. Any day now, hair stylists will start saying, “We’ve just got to product your hair and then we’ll blow dry.”

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