Dress Code

Did you know that there’s a uniform for baseball Moms? I didn’t until I went to the first game a few years ago in sweats, sneakers, and a long-sleeved shirt. I really blew it! The next time you’re at a Little League game, look around and you will see that every mom is dressed in the following:

Properly painted toenails are also an important accessory, often including some variation on a theme of the team’s colors.

There is also a code of ethics that dictates what snacks are “cool” and which are not. The orange slices and juice boxes of my childhood are long gone. “Cool Moms” bring cupcakes in the team’s colors, snack-sized cookies in many varieties, or energy bars, and lots and lots of Gatorade. Blue Gatorade seems to be the one currently in fashion, which is a relief because that red Gatorade is a real bitch to get out of white baseball pants.

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