Happy Testicle Snipping Day

The time has come!  The day of reckoning is at hand!  It’s time for the Starbucks Kittehs (Read: “Starbucks has kittehs now?”) to be free of their testicles!  Hallelujah!

I am very excited about re-capturing Starbuck, Mocha, Latte, Breve, and Frappy, whom we have determined are ALL boys. Their upcoming trip to the Animal Birth Control Clinic is a rite of passage that I have been eagerly anticipating for these five, one that will ensure that our feral cat colony doesn’t continue to grow. I don’t anticipate any problems with taking them into custody as they have all become very accustomed to the luxury of cat food delivered on regular schedule and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

I wonder what goes through their minds after the anesthesia wears off and they notice that something’s missing. Maybe they’ll turn around and around, looking back over their shoulders and asking one another, “What’s wrong with my balls? Look at my butt! Do they look OK!?” Do they sit around afterward, commenting on how much they’d like a tub of ice cream, a good romantic comedy, and a long cry? Will they start a support group for the testicle-deprived?

With any luck, we will catch “Focaccia” and put an end to her kitten-making ways, too.  (Read: “My Cat is a Slutty Welfare Mom”.) The world would be a better (and less kitty-populated) place if she had one less reproductive tract.

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