Bad Luck Comes in Threes

Just a few days ago, when my sweetheart and I got a flat tire on the trailer after repo-ing a portable building (Read: Adventures in Repo.) I didn’t realize it was an omen of things to come. Then again, they say that bad luck comes in threes, so maybe I should have put a can of Fix-a-Flat in every car and truck after that. That might have been prohibitively expensive though, since we have way too many vehicles. Since we do a lot of different things that require varying means of transportation, we have several times more vehicles than we have drivers in our household; even so we could probably scale it back a little bit. There are three Ford pick-up trucks, a big Chevy 550 truck, an SUV, a six-yard dump truck, a 60’s era Jeep, a mobile home toter, a 1950 Chevrolet sedan, two 1960’s Chevrolet pick-up trucks, and a MINI Cooper…. Oh, and two ATV’s*.

Shortly thereafter, I was heading off to my day job when the “OMG YOUR TIRE IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE” light came on in my MINI Cooper. Fortunately, I have run-flat tires, and I hadn’t made it too far down the road, so I courageously made a U-Turn and switched cars for the ride to work. That second flat tire was rather uneventful, except that we had to make the choice between “performance” tires for $90 each or run-flat tires for $190 each. It’s a toss-up since it’d be about $100 for a tow if I did get a flat. To-MAY-to, toMAH-to.

This morning I had another flat tire on my way to work. This wasn’t your garden variety bumpity-bump slow leak. This was explosive decompression and a harrowing few seconds of frantic driving to the shoulder. As I was driving along in the left-hand lane, I was passing a large, dirty dump truck on my right. I heard that tell-tale “thump… thump… thump…” and I crossed my fingers, hoping against hope that the noise was coming from the dump truck. That was not to be, however, as the thumping was followed within a few seconds by a sickening “SMACK!… BANG… BANG… BANG…” and I hastily made my way to the side of the road, with a plume of tire shreds erupting behind me.

Fortunately for me, I didn’t even have to get my hands dirty as my sweetheart came to my rescue and changed the tire.

So, that makes three, and I should be finished with flat tires for a while. Hopefully there’s not a new series of three automobile calamities on the horizon.

*One of the ATV’s was recently in a little accident at the deer lease… an accident I found out about when my son posted a picture of it on its side and tangled up in a barbed wire fence on Facebook. I called and sent several frantic text messages and quickly received the news that, despite the spectacular nature of the wreck, no one was hurt.**

**”No one was hurt” according to the original report, but my son’s friend ended up getting an X-ray the following day when his hand was hurting and had swelled to several times its normal size. Perhaps they had decided that injury would only add to the potential punishment for taking on a fence with the ATV and losing, and had neglected to mention it the day of the accident.

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