I’ve Been Through Craigslist on a Horse with No Name

An acquaintance called the other day with a “computer question.”

    Acquaintance: “I bought a horse from this lady on Craigslist, and it bucked me off and I had to go to the hospital.”

    Me: “That’s horrible! Are you OK now?”

    Acquaintance: “Yes, but I returned the horse and she would only give me part of my money back. It was a total rip off.”

    Me: “Sounds like it.”

    Acquaintance: “She has this website. There are links to it on her Craigslist ads. I need to know how to make it so that whenever someone goes to her website a pop-up comes up that warns people that she’s a crook and a liar.”

    Me: “Wow! Well, I’m afraid that’s not possible since I don’t have access to update her website.”

    Acquaintance: “Why not?”

    Me: “Well, just like I’m the only one who can update any of my websites, she’s the only one who can update hers.”

    Acquaintance: “Then how do we put a warning on Craigslist that pops up whenever someone looks at one of her ads?”

    Me: “I can’t change Craigslist so it can do that. I suppose you could post your own ad in the same category. People sometimes do that to complain about a seller on Craigslist.”

    Acquaintance: “But if you can post to Craigslist, can’t you post a pop-up window that will show up on her ads?”

    Me: “…”

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