Very Scary Obituaries

I’ve told y’all before about bereavement leave at my day-job (Read:  What are they thinking? and Family is a Blessing) and I have come to realize just how important the obituary and funeral program can be.  Each one is a glimpse into the life of an individual whose journey is now at an end.  Some are sad and some are celebratory.  Some are perfunctory and others are several pages long.  Some are simple and others are elegant.  Each are a reflection of the deceased, and the life he or she lived.

I have also noticed that some people have lovely photographs of themselves, while other people have… well… not so lovely images in their obituary.  I have seen Polaroids, pictures obviously cropped from a group photo, unsmiling grimaces, and some less-than-flattering candid shots.  Here are some notable examples from the Interwebs.

What’s in your eye, Joel?


Is this a DMV picture? Seriously?


I wonder how the person who was cut out of this picture feels about getting cropped.


Say cheese. Don’t look like someone just cut the cheese.


Nice bandanna, Ruben.


Was this a drive-by photo session?


What are you looking at, David? We’re over here!


My observations have brought me to a realization: I really need to get some pictures taken while I am still young-ish and before I pass away unexpectedly and the only picture anyone can find for my obituary is my DMV photo or a crappy snapshot taken the day before a much-needed trip to the salon.

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