The Names Dogs Give Themselves

I’ve always loved this Gary Larson comic strip. Though my dogs’ titles are not as lengthy and pompous as these, they do indeed have names for themselves.



Gigi (who by the way, is the most awesome dog EVER!  Read: “My Dog Is a Better Person than Everyone“) has named herself “Princess Bwanda”. This may not sound particularly exciting unless you realize that it must be pronounced like this:


Honey Lee, to whom we also refer as “Gingersnap” or “My Little Sausage”, has chosen the name “Sheenarah, Queen of Power.” She seems to live up to this moniker the most when she is scrappily body-checking the other dogs to scarf up some tidbit that my sweetheart has offered them.


It’s a good thing Taylor is pretty and sweet, because she is as dumb as a box of rocks…  a cute, adorable box of rocks that likes to wake you up by snorting and slobbering in your ear. Though we sometimes refer to her as “Floppy and Soggy” or “Frosted Mini-Wheat”, she refers to herself as “DERP”.



Canis Regnant


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  1. I only started noticing that My dogs had names for themselves (signature contact calls) my current Samoyed (well known breed for talking or singing) calls herself Gora Gora and the last one called herself Hangool.

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