Quality is Job Two… or Maybe Three

I spend my days in a call center, which as many of you know is rife with opportunities for humorous observations. Not so long ago, our Quality Assurance team wanted to come up with an inexpensive but thoughtful way to reward high performers. Hence, the “Kuality Koala” was born.

I’ve removed the name of our call center from the Kuality Koala’s T-shirt for obvious reasons.


The “kute” misspelling of quality on this “kharacter’s” T-shirt is “kuestionable” enough, but — How in the blue blazes did no one notice the “KKK” on the koala’s shirt before we ordered a couple thousand of these!?  Did no one in the committee meeting that came up with this idea snicker or guffaw when it was discussed?  Was the undercurrent of racist culture in the phrase they chose completely overlooked?

Even better, those who were awarded a Kuality Koala were inducted into the “Kuality Koala Klub.”  Yes, indeedy — they were members of the “KKK.”

Needless to say, the Kuality Koala didn’t last more than a few days after his debut.  We received numerous complaints from our employees about them.  Last December we ran across a box full of these things in a storage closet.  We removed their little racist T-shirts and put them all in a collection bin for “Toys for Tots” so they wouldn’t be a complete waste.  But I tucked one away as a memento of this “kute and kuddly” faux pas.


One thought on “Quality is Job Two… or Maybe Three

  1. And all he set out to do was make people feel special! LOL. Then the mobs of people with pitch forks chased him back into his eucalyptus tree…

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