Don’t Trash the Stache

Suddenly, for no good reason, I have a bee in my bonnet: I want my sweetheart to grow a handlebar mustache.  There’s just something so devil-may-care and whimsical about a man with a thick shapely mustache that makes it very sexy.  

Check this out…


Archduke Ferdinand was once described as “a man of uninspired energy, dark in appearance and emotion, who radiated an aura of strangeness and cast a shadow of violence and recklessness … a true personality amidst the amiable inanity.” I think the mustache was what “radiated an aura”.


I don’t know who this dude is, but his mustache makes him look slightly less effeminate and much more appealing. Someone needs to get this guy a sandwich though; much too scrawny for my taste.


The man in the Heineken commercial, who gets into an “old timey bare-knuckles boxing match” is a fine specimen of mustachioed manliness. I like the extra care he takes to use mustache wax to curl the tips for a look that is simultaneously rugged and polished.

I know my sweetheart could pull this look off better than all three of these gentlemen. Maybe I’ll get him some mustache wax and a tiny little comb for the next gift-giving occasion.

One thought on “Don’t Trash the Stache

  1. oh my goodness, the posting is even on my birthday! I need to meet more women like yourself who can appreciate a beautiful mustache.

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