The Gift of Anxiety

Today is my sweetheart’s birthday, and I don’t have the best track record when it comes to selecting gifts for him.

His first birthday after I knew him, I got him a gift certificate to visit an exotic animal sanctuary with big cats — Lions and tigers and bears… Oh, my! Well, maybe not bears, actually. Nevertheless, we never went, so I missed the mark on that one.

For Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago, I got him parts for his old Chevy truck; they’re still in the box. He had made an off-hand comment about how the heater assembly was missing so I found him a new one. However, since we are in Texas, the heater is the one of the least important things when it comes to restoring an old truck.

Then there was Father’s Day. He had seen a story on “Today” about a DNA testing kit that could tell you about your ancestry, health risks, and all sorts of interesting information. I didn’t pick up on the fact that he wasn’t really saying, “Wow! Isn’t that amazing?” but instead was saying “Wow! Isn’t that frightening?” He hasn’t submitted his spit yet.

And of course, there are the shirts that didn’t fit, the reorganization of his shop that resulted him not being able to find anything, the shoes that were accidentally purchased in a women’s size, the hands-free device that couldn’t be heard over the engine of the truck… Ugh.

He’s always gracious about these things.  He never asks, “How much did you pay for this?” or “Do you have the receipt?”, but I can see the “What the #$@&!?” in his eyes.

But this time, I think I finally got it right. This is something he needs, wants, and will really use. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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