Stalked by Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton is passively stalking me. By that, I don’t mean that he has any knowledge of who I am, per se. Just that he has been popping up randomly lately with such statistical significance that it is impossible to ignore.

First, he is the voice narrating my current audio book Ready Player One, a book in which he is also mentioned as the many-times President of the virtual universe. I wonder if he got a chuckle out of that when he read it into the microphone.

I just noticed that his name appears at the top of “”, and I clicked it. There he is, collating papers. I read that blog all the time and never noticed that before.

He kept popping up under “Who to follow” on my twitter so I followed him. Turns out his wife likes to put googly-eyes on things, just like I used to. My favorite was deer-crossing signs; I liked to make it look like the deer was surprised by the approaching car.

My daughter has been obsessed with the film “Stand By Me” lately, and has been encouraging all of her friends to see it and referencing it constantly. Who’s in the film? You guessed it: Wil Wheaton.

I turned on a re-run of “The Big Bang Theory” a couple of days ago. It was the episode where Wil Wheaton’s team beats the main characters’ team in a bowling match.

I was watching Netflix yesterday and turned on an episode of “Family Guy” and there he was, in all of his animated glory. And speaking of Netflix, “Star Trek TNG” perpetually shows up in my “Top 10.”

And the coup de grace: Yesterday on the way home from a marathon studying session with my daughter at Starbucks, the car in front of us on the road had a “Starfleet Academy” decal on the back window and the license plate read “WESLEY”.

Enough, already!

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