At the Cross Roads of Sesame Street and Memory Lane

First, let me say that if you are a young’un and you don’t know what I’m talking about when I yell “HEY, YOU GUYS!!!!” go ahead and skip this post and go to the one on “Employees Say the Darnedest Things.”  (That one seems to be really popular.)  Or go watch “Hey Arnold” on Netflix.

As an aside, is it just me or were that kid and Stewie separated at birth?

But I digress…


What I’m talking about is “The Electric Company”.  That show was absolutely epic!  And talk about a star-studded cast!  Check this out:

Morgan Freeman   The dude has been God, for Christ’s sake! And here he is teaching phoenetics as “Easy Reader”, the coolest cat in the hood with his library card and embroidered jeans. And, as a credit to the craft, on the same show he is believable as “Vincent the Vegetable Vampire.”

Rita Moreno   The same actress who portayed a sultry, sexy, singing siren in “West Side Story” (That was some awesome alliteration right there!) is petulant, juvenile “Pandora” on “The Electric Company.” She may be the only Latino actress who could pull off that blonde wig and pinafore.

Mel Brooks   Mel does voiceover for a cartoon character named “Blond-Haired Cartoon Man” described by wikipedia as the character that “read words that appeared on the screen but often showed up in the wrong order, made no sense, or otherwise drove him to frustration.” No one does frustration like Brooks.

Luis Avalos   Talk about a Hollywood powerhouse! Not only does he bring Dr. Doolats to life on “The Electric Company”, he played “Pastor Chavez” on “Walker, Texas Ranger”. He has rubbed shoulders with The Great One: Chuck Norris! And he was the cab driver on an episode of “The Incredible Hulk”. That’s the trifecta, right there!

Bill Cosby   Bill was the first black performer to win an Emmy. He’s had SIX different shows with his name in the title. As “Hank” he made appearances on 260 episodes.  Where did he find the time!?


So, pour yourself a glass of apple juice, open up a box of animal crackers, and settle in for a little lesson on gerunds, my favorite sort of non-finite verb.

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