There’s an awards and recognition banquet for work tonight.

PRO:  It’s at a really nice restaurant

CON:  My co-workers will be there

PRO:  My sweetheart is coming

CON:  I’ll be getting home really late (for me)

PRO:  There’s no fancy dress code at the restaurant

CON:  I may have dressed down a little too much today anyway (i.e. flip flops)

PRO:  No free booze (i.e. no annoying, drunken speeches by my co-workers)

CON:  No free booze (i.e. no defense against annoying, sober speeches by my co-workers)

PRO:  Steak!

CON:  Work people!


Predictions: UPDATED July 24, 8:30 AM

  1. My sweetheart will be charming and everyone will love him. YES
  2. The new boss will make a brief speech, and someone will ask “Who’s that?” YES
  3. Someone will get drunk even without free booze. NO
  4. I will find an excuse to leave as early as possible. YES
  5. A previously un-disclosed co-worker romantic relationship will be revealed. Sort of. (One of the Managers brought the HR Director as his “date”.)

EXTRA BONUS UPDATE: Stuffed Salmon in Puff Pastry!

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